About us

About Us

Since 1985, our company has been one of the pioneers of the market with its experience in production and sales in the men's wear sector.

With retail experience from the past, we always keep our customer satisfaction on the front line.

Our sensitivity on quality has always been our priority since the day we were founded. Whether you need to choose fabrics, sewing and mold designs, we are creative and focused, and with the energy we get from here, we produce quality products and find motivation to work with hundred percent customer satisfaction.

Our company has been established with domestic capital and continues to serve its customers as domestic and foreign sales.

Our mission

It is our company's mission to be always dynamic and up-to-date by following innovative designs, following fashion, pioneering work.

Our Vision

Being the first 5 companies of the sector, which was founded with domestic capital in the men's clothing sector in the world and came to mind first.

Our Quality Policy

From the production stage to the end user delivery, to take up the principle of quality in every area we serve.

Being aware of the environment and realizing production with social responsibility

Making qualities into life philosophy and applying every field we serve

Keeping the latest technology in our workspace and using it effectively in all our processes.

Our products are offered in every environment in Turkey and abroad, applying the same standard, to catch hundred percent customer satisfaction.